Setting up your Will

Broomhead & Saul have many years of experience in drawing up Wills, Lasting Powers of Attorney, establishing Trusts and Protecting your Assets. Making a Will does not need to be expensive or complicated and at Broomhead & Saul we will ensure the process is quick and simple.

Providing for your family

If you wish to provide for children or grandchildren, save tax or protect your assets Broomhead & Saul can help. We take the time to understand your wishes and the financial circumstances of your beneficiaries and then provide appropriate advice on drawing up your Will or establishing Trusts.

How can Broomhead & Saul help?

Making a Will can offer real peace of mind and security for you and your family therefore at Broomhead & Saul we will meet with you at your convenience to discuss your needs on an individual basis. Then when you are happy we will prepare your Will ready for you to sign. Relevant copies can then be made for your own personal records and the original kept in our fireproof strongroom.

How much does it cost to make a Will?

Our fees depend on the complexity of your particular circumstances and objectives but our fees for a straightforward Will are £220 plus VAT and if your partner wishes to make a simple Will which mirrors your own then our fees are £320 plus VAT for both. This includes (if you wish) the benefit of:

• Free storage in our Strong Room
• Free registration with the Certainty National Will Register (usual fee £30.00)

Registration is recommended by our professional body “The Law Society” as it provides a central search point for location of a Will and can avoid costs and delay in locating your most recent Will at what is naturally a difficult time for your loved ones. The content of the Will is not notified to Certainty and would only be revealed by us to the person or persons entitled to know after your death. This would involve our usual and strict confidentiality checks.

To find out more or make an appointment to discuss your needs further, please contact:

Taunton Office: 01823 288121
Contacts: Andrew Lewis, Sue Baker, Michael Fitzgerald, Maxine Allen

Ilminster office: 01460 57056
Contacts: Sue Baker, Maxine Allen, Angela Clapp

or email enquiries@broomhead-saul.co.uk