Considering a Cohabitation or Pre-Nuptial Agreement?

Those who are able to choose to enter into a civil partnership dramatically increased last week, with opposite sex couples now having this option, in addition to getting married, reports family solicitors, Broomhead & Saul. Opposite sex couples, like with same sex couples, can now enter into a civil partnership, as an alternative to marriage. The first civil partnership of this kind took place last week, when the law changed on 2 January 2020.

However, despite these greater options being available, many couples are quite happy together without the formality. For those that do not, you may not be aware that the law treats you differently, in that certain rights do not automatically apply to you, as they do with married couples or those in civil partnerships. It can therefore be wise to put steps in place to set out what you might want to happen in the future, so far as assets and certain other rights are concerned, between you. Like with many things, this is just good forward-planning and of course does not affect your relationship; often couples will get together in a second or later relationship and might well bring different assets into the mix; ownership of property, for example, might differ. Alternatively, one partner might have a business where the other does not, leading to a difference or a situation where certain things are more personal and would not want to be fought over if things did not, in the longer term, work out.

In these circumstances, we help partners reach agreement about the financial aspects of living together, providing clarity and certainty for couples about their financial future, with a cohabitation or pre-nuptial agreement being able to identify and secure one partner’s interests in family wealth, business assets or property.

The process is usually straightforward and often these services can be provided for a fixed fee to give you and your partner the peace of mind that everything is set up as you intend. Contact our family team at either Ilminster or Taunton to discuss your needs or to book an appointment to put things in place.