For example, the net value of any property may own would ignore the value of any outstanding mortgage or loan on the property or the value of a co-owner's share.
For example, this could be that a potential beneficiary must attain a specific age (such as 21 years) or attaining a qualification or marrying before they inherit anything.
The test for testamentary capacity to execute a valid Will requires you to: (1) Understand the nature of making a will and its effects. (2) Understand the extent of the property of which that are leaving under the terms of your Will. (3) Comprehend and appreciate any claims or expectations that your close family, relatives, friends or acquaintances might have in being remembered in your will. (4) Have no disorder of the mind that distorts their sense of what is right or which prevents you from making rational decisions when disposing of your property under your Will.
This might be because you are about to travel abroad or are gravely ill.