Probate and Estate Administration

Broomhead & Saul have many years of experience in Lasting Powers of Attorney, Wills, establishing Trusts and Protecting your Assets.

Our probate services

Our legal team at Broomhead & Saul have many year’s of experience in handling all aspects of Probate, including the Administration of an Estate and can advise you with the following matters:

    • Identify and preserve all the assets within an estate
    • Arrange for a valuation of assets to take place
    • Organise all tax arrangements including inheritance tax
    • Obtain a Grant of Probate (when someone dies leaving a Will which appoints executors) – or a Grant of Administration in cases where no Will has been made.
    • Prepare the estate accounts
    • Ensure all beneficiaries of the Will receive their distribution of the Estate.

How much does it cost?

This will depend on what you require us to do for you and how complex your estate is. However, Brooomhead & Saul will assess every case individually to give you the best price possible. We will discuss our fees with you at the beginning and always update you of any changes.

To make an appointment to discuss your needs, please contact:

Taunton Office: 01823 288121
Contacts: Andrew Lewis, Sue Baker, Michael Fitzgerald, Maxine Allen

Ilminster office: 01460 57056
Contacts: Sue Baker, Maxine Allen, Angela Clapp

or email