Park Up Law – a popular success!

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Administering an al fresco statutory declaration

Dr Nicholas Bevan’s innovative Park Up Law Service has introduced us to numerous new clients and contacts.  This is the only on the street legal service of its kind in the country.

Our Park Up Law Service, which was launched on 4 January 2021 continues to provide a much needed life-line to members of the public who need the personal services of an independent solicitor during the pandemic.  Most law firms in the Somerset area have closed their doors to the general public. 

Thanks to Somerset County Council granting us a special Covid-19 dispensation, Broomhead & Saul are able to offer a range of open-air legal services to members of the public, whilst they remain seated in their vehicles at the disabled parking bay immediately opposite our Taunton offices at 10 Hammet Street.

The Park Up Law Service is not just open to the general public but also on referral from other law  firms right across the County.  We offer a range of legal services such as officiating at the swearing of affidavits, the making of statutory declarations, completing ID1 forms and certifying documents. 

We run our Park Up Law service on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.  Customers can try their luck on a ‘first-come-first-served’ basis but we advise our customers to book ahead to avoid a lengthy wait.  

Contact [email protected] or ring 01823 188121.

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