We are legally qualified and independently regulated professionals and as such we can guarantee the high professional quality of our service that you and your potential beneficiaries are entitled to expect, unlike some unregulated Will writing businesses.  

We have extensive experience of advising and preparing Wills. 

You will receive specialist advice that takes into account all your future legal service needs, including  inheritance tax; succession planning; preparing and registering Lasting Powers of Attorney; contentious probate, and Court of Protection work as well as drawing on a team of specialist tax and financial advisors for wealth management.

We pride ourselves in troubling to understand precisely what it is you want and then in delivering innovative and effective outcomes specifically tailored to your needs.

You will be assigned a specialist Will writer who will assess and triage your specific testamentary needs and with whom you will be able to contact, directly, throughout. Our aim is to charge as little as possible and only as much as necessary.

The importance of making a Will

Most of us would never dream of leaving a party without saying goodbye but according to recent research almost half of us fail to make a will.

It is easy overlook is the vital importance of appointing someone to administer your estate according to your wishes after your death.  Whatever the size of your estate consequences of not making a Will can be harmful and costly.

A professionally drafted Will enables you to stipulate in clear terms who should receive what; avoiding unnecessary confusion and distress.

Read more here about Making Your Will

Our range of Professional Wills

Our Basic Professional Wills Service

This Basic Professional Will enables you to:

  • appoint up to four executors, to administer your estate according to your wishes, and to appoint a substitute executor
  • make specific gifts of cash or property in a letter of wishes addressed to your executors
  • leave the residue of your estate to up to six different people (including charities) with substitute gifts
  • appoint this firm as a contingent professional executor (to help your lay executors implement your wishes) BUT subject to the absolute right of your executors to decline our services (without having to give any reason or explanation) upon reaching a unanimous decision to this effect (whereupon no charge will be made) provided this is communicated within 14 days of their being notified of our appointment and our estimated charges. We are always happy to assume a restricted role in assisting your lay executors to discharge their duties, if that is their preference. We will rarely ever accept an appointment without there being unanimous agreement by the lay executors, unless there is a strong ethical reason that requires our involvement (such as a where a vulnerable beneficiary’s interests need protecting). It is also open to you to appoint us on an unconditional basis if you wish, which is the conventional practice.

This basic form of Professional Will is the entry level to a range of high quality remote Will writing services that spare you the trouble of visiting our offices to consult us or to arrange for us to administer the execution your Will.

What is professional about a basic Will?

You shall be assigned one of our professionally trained staff to draft your Will.  All our communications will be entirely by email or phone, sparing you the need to travel to our offices for a meeting.

The service includes a preliminary assessment process that checks that this product is suitable for your circumstances. The suitability of the Basic Professional Will is reviewed again when you are invited to approve the draft Will that we have prepared for you.

We will provide you with a step by step guide that prompts you to provide all the information we need to prepare a professionally drafted Will on your behalf and an easy to follow guide to executing your Will (this involves you signing the will in the presence of two witnesses).

We will also store your Will for free and for as long as needed.

*The Basic and Standard Professional Wills Service is offered subject to terms and depend on their suitability. We reserve the right to decline to provide a Basic or Standard Professional Wills service where, in our absolute discretion, we consider either service is inappropriate.

Scenarios that are unsuited to fixed price Professional Wills

Here are some of the circumstances that require more legal consideration and draftsmanship and so are unsuited to a Basic or Standard Professional Will:

  • Where you have a large estate, (for example: where it exceeds the Inheritance Tax Nil Rate Band [£325,000.00 as at March 2021] or complicated estates involving extensive shareholdings or investment portfolios held outside a pension)
  • Where foreign property or assets are involved
  • Where you are UK national domiciled abroad
  • Where substantial gifts are made to children or disabled persons who may benefit from a trust
  • Gifts of a lifetime interest in property or rights of residence
  • Contingent gifts, where for example a beneficiary will only inherit if a condition precedent is met
  • Where you have remarried and wish to make special provision to preserve your assets for specific persons
  • When you are gravely ill or otherwise where you need a Will urgently
  • Where advice on tax or estate planning is needed, this usually only applies to large estates
  • Where, due to an injury or other infirmity, it a mental capacity assessment is required
  • Where your estate includes a share in a business

Find out for yourself if our Basic Professional Will is likely to be right for you, by answering some simple preliminary questions.

Our Standard Professional Wills

This is still a relatively straight forward single Will but one that involves a little more personal input from our professionally trained staff. This may be because you wish to have a little more support and reassurance or because your testamentary intentions require a little more precision.

Our Bespoke Professional Wills service

These are reserved for the more unusual or complex situations that rely less on standard provisions and more on individual draftsmanship by our professional staff. We will always provide you with an estimate of our likely charges and, where possible, with a fixed fee quotation.

This bespoke service enables you to consult with one of our specialist lawyers, face to face. We take on the responsibility for taking the initiative throughout, including:

  • drafting your Will
  • organising your witnesses
  • setting up and administering the execution of your Will
  • storing it at no extra charge for as long as required and
  • registering your Will in a national registry, so it’s existence is not overlooked.

Face to face meetings and consultations can easily be undertaken remotely, using a convenient combination of phone, emails and video conferencing technology.  See below for our ground breaking Remote Wills Execution Service.

We also offer conventional physical meetings at either of our premises in the centre of Taunton or Ilminster, in Somerset.  We are also happy to travel to meet you at your home or other suitable location, or to arrange for agents, for an additional charge.

Video Witnessing Your Will

We are also one of the few firms in the country that provide a Video Will Witnessing Service. This that has been officially sanctioned by the government, as a direct result of this firm’s independent research and our our pro bono law reform campaign in 2020.

We were the first firm in the country to execute a remotely witnessed Will for a self-isolating client during the first Covid-19 lock-down in May 2020.

For more information on our pricing

Visit our Wills & Later Life Services Pricing page.

Whatever your Will writing needs, we can accommodate them.

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