Making important decisions about your future can seem daunting without a little expert help and it is all too easy to put them off, only to be unpleasantly surprised by the unexpected.

Whether you need help making or revising your Will (to appoint executors and to chose who re receives what and when after you die) or setting up Lasting Powers of Attorney (to enable those who you know, love and trust to help you manage your health and financial affairs in later life) we have the expertise to help.

Making your Will

Broomhead & Saul have been providing private client services since 1895. We have extensive experience in drawing up Wills, Lasting Powers of Attorney, establishing Trusts and Protecting your Assets.

Making a Will does not need to be expensive or complicated. At Broomhead & Saul we will ensure the process is quick and simple.


Providing for old age or infirmity

Life is unpredictable. At Broomhead & Saul we strive to help you plan for your future and anticipate all possibilities.

Lasting Powers of Attorney are legal instruments that allow you to prepare for the possibility that at some future date you might be unable to make important decisions or to cope with managing your financial affairs.  They invest your close and trusted friends or your relatives a contingent legal authority to either manage some or all of your financial affairs or help make decisions about your health, welfare and clinical treatment. 


Providing for your family

If you wish to provide for children or grandchildren, save tax or protect your assets against future contingencies, we can help. We take the time to understand your wishes and the financial circumstances of your beneficiaries and then provide appropriate advice on drawing up your Will or establishing Trusts.

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