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English Wills for expats

You can now complete a professionally prepared English will in your solicitor’s virtual presence from the comfort and privacy of your home, wherever you are in the world.

All you need to access this completely private and highly convenient service is a standard internet connection and a device equipped with basic social media functionality.


  • You no longer need to risk returning to the UK to visit your solicitor to make or update a will settling your property in England & Wales
  • You are spared the trouble of arranging for witnesses to attend the will signing
  • Everything is managed discretely from a distance by our legal professionals

The new law

The Wills Act 1837 (Electronic Communications) (Amendment) (Coronavirus) Order 2020 expressly sanctions the use of video conferencing technology to enable people to witness, the signing of a will from a distance during the pandemic.
This emergency measure does not affect the underlying common law principles that are also consistent with this novel way of witnessing a will signing from a distance but where, due to its novelty, it has not been judicially endorsed.

Broomhead & Saul lead the way

We executed the nation’s first distance will on 1 May 2020. We were contacted by a self-isolating client 150 miles away who needed to make a will. Dr Bevan, a multiple award winning solicitor, undertook ground breaking research that revealed that the case law on will making, which dates back more than 300 years, is consistent with this innovation.
We later published our research and approached to the Justice Secretary, urging his prompt intervention, to provide legal certainty. The Wills Act Order 2020 and the government’s best practice Guidance are based on the common law principles we were first to identify.
On 29 July 2020 we executed the first distance will for a UK national who had retired to live in Crete but who did not wish to risk travelling to the UK to settle her English estate.

It has never been easier

Provided you have an internet enabled device, preferably two, the entire process of making or amending your will (from your first consultation to signing and witnessing your will) can be undertaken remotely and in complete privacy, within a matter of days, depending on postage.

Contact: Dr Nicholas Bevan
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Phone: +441460 258050 Ext 064

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Technical Specifications

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