Effective dispute resolution

Disputes are disruptive. They effect moral and prevent the efficient operation of the business. Court proceedings are protracted, expensive and stressful; they should be avoided wherever possible

The early prevention of further escalation is key. Swift, pragmatic input is therefore vitally important. An irreparable relationship can have drastic consequences on your business and business continuity.

It is in the interests of all involved to have meaningful and sensible dialogue to achieve a clear and agreeable path to compromise. This is where we come in.

Where a work place dispute has arisen we can offer:

  • Early, independent and sympathetic involvement as a “work place mediator”;
  • Independent assessment and guidance;
  • Discrete and bespoke options and routes to resolution;
  • Pragmatism and calmness in sometimes hostile and emotional situations.

Work place mediation can be achieved via different methods. We will choose one to suit your needs and demands and structure that to produce the most effective outcome for all.