By your side

The most important step in resolving a dispute is to initially make contact with us on 01823 288 121. We will find a solution that works for you.

Employment Law is there to protect you. Unfortunately, it can be a maze. We have the expertise needed to navigate you through this ever evolving landscape. You matter to us.

Work place disputes can be disruptive and stressful. We understand that every dispute is as unique as you are and we will work with you to understand your personal needs and objectives. We will protect you and will tailor effective and personalised advice to meet those needs and the outcome you deserve.

We will fight for you. We give plain, easy to understand and pragmatic advice; we believe our role is not to complicate matters but to guide you and aid a favourable outcome for you. We are accessible and approachable lawyers and have experience of dealing with high profile and complex employment matters. No matter what the case or its facts; we are focussed on helping you

We are able to deal with any form of employment dispute whether that is a dispute involving an internal employer procedure or via an Employment Tribunal. Our recent experience includes representing employees on matters relating to:

  • Settlement Agreements;
  • Unfair dismissal (to include constructive dismissal);
  • Discrimination;
  • ‘Whistleblowing’;
  • ACAS settlements;
  • Workplace mediation;
  • Workplace investigations;
  • Disciplinary Procedure advice/ guidance;
  • Grievance Procedure advice/ guidance