Broomhead & Saul solicitors are proud to announce a new Covid-19-safe kerbside law service.

This appointment only service was launched on a formal basis in January 2021, when the third lockdown was announced, to meet the unprecedented demand for the services of an independent solicitor to undertake a variety of basic legal formalities for members of the public and businesses based in the Somerset area.

As far as we are aware, we are the only law firm in the country to introduce this service.

Our Park Up Law Service offers the following essential legal services:

  • Swearing affidavits
  • Making statutory declarations
  • Certifying copy documents
  • Witnessing signatures
  • Confirming identity

The Park Up Law Service is available by appointment on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.

These legal services will be administered by a solicitor standing on the kerbside next to the parking bay opposite our Head Office at No. 10 Hammet Street, Taunton, TA1 1RZ or, if it is raining, from our front door porch at No 10. Hammet Street.

To book and appointment:

  • Call us on 01823 288121
  • Email us on: Terms and conditions apply

Terms & Conditions

  • As these kerbside legal services need to be undertaken by an independent solicitor acting in an official capacity as an officer of the Senior Courts, it is necessary to make an additional charge to compensate this firm for the solicitor’s time involved in setting up and attending the appointment, complying the Covid-19 safety protocols and in completing the contact tracing registration, over and above any statutorily prescribed swear fee.   In the interests of facilitating access to legal services, we are subsidising these fees as they are based on an hourly charge rate that is significantly less than that normally charged for a solicitor’s time. 
  • Our Park UP Law Service is available to members of the public who are able to drive (or be driven) and park immediately opposite our Head Office at 10 Hammet Street, Taunton, TA1 3AX.  Our services will be delivered through the car window from the pavement and / or the front porch in inclement weather.  Pedestrian’s are also able to access these services from our porch.
  • Customers; not clients.  Members of the public using these service are generally referred to us by other law firms seeking an independent law firm to officiate the legal service for their client(s) and so it would be inappropriate for this firm to treat these visitors as the firm’s clients (although we would be delighted to advise on or represent them on an unconnected matter). Accordingly our we cannot not provide or offer any legal advice to visiting customers.
  • In the interests of Covid-19-safety, we ask visiting customers to wear face masks during the proceedings.
  • For contact-tracing purposes, we would be obliged if every visiting customer would complete a register.  Your details will not be disclosed to third parties nor used for marketing. 
  • We shall endeavour to conduct the legal services with as much discretion as is possible in all the circumstances but there is a limit to the privacy that can be achieved when doing so in a public place.  If, due to circumstances beyond our control, it is not possible to discharge the service with sufficient discretion, we will refund the fee immediately and without any reservation.
  • Our Park Up Law pricing:
    • Our fixed fee for swearing an affidavit or administering a statutory declaration is £48 inclusive of VAT and the statutory swear fee.  A supplementary charge of £2.40 (including VAT) will be made for each exhibit.
    • Our fixed fee for certifying someone’s identify is £48 (including VAT and any incidental photocopying charges)
    • Our fixed fee for certifying up to 5 documents is £48 (including VAT and our photocopying charges)
    • Our fixed fee for witnessing up to two different signatures is £48 (including VAT)
  • Methods of payment:
    • We ask for payment to be made in cash, if at all possible, at the appointment.  We ask our visitors to tender the exact amount as our staff are discouraged, in the interests of our mutual safety, from handling or giving out change. 
    • We will accept cheques or direct bank transfers if received or made at least three working days in advance of the appointment.

Pricing concession for existing clients and customers

For all existing clients and customers, we will continue to provide our signature witnessing and ID certification services and to administer the swearing of affidavits and the administration of statutory declarations at former, pre Covid, rates.  

Affidavits and Statutory Declarations will be charged at just £5 plus £2 for each exhibit, with payment being tendered in the exact amount in cash.

A track record of innovation

In May 2020 Broomhead & Saul was the first law firm in the country to administer the execution of a self-isolating client’s Will using video conferencing technology. Our ground-breaking legal research persuaded the government to pass emergency legislation to amend the Wills Act 1837 to sanction the use of online audio-video technology to witness a will in safety and to do so with retrospective effect.