How do you know your Will is simple?

What you want to achieve may be simple and clear in your own mind, but making a valid Will which results in the outcome you intend may not be so simple.

There are many traps for the unwary and you run the risk of falling into them if you do not know they are there.

A Will is one of the most important documents you will ever make and a “simple Will” may have unintended consequences given to your individual family and financial circumstances to say nothing of changes in the law which affect future inheritance rights and taxation. Your family could be faced with problems and challenges which are both stressful and expensive to resolve at what is a very difficult time to the detriment of their intended inheritance.

As long-established solicitors, we take pride in working with you to consider how best to achieve your aims given your individual circumstances and will advise you of possible pitfalls and how to avoid them. Employing an expert now will give you valuable peace of mind for the future.


How do you know?

You cannot assume that the rules about who inherits what if there is no Will and who can be authorised to deal with your assets will match your wishes.

The administration of your estate could in any event prove to be more time consuming, complex and expensive where there is no Will. Executors appointed under a valid Will can have authority to act immediately to deal with urgent matters relating to your estate before authority is granted to them by the Court. Without a Will there is no-one who has that authority until such an appointment is made. Again this could cause difficulties for your loved ones which could so easily be avoided by making a valid Will.

How much will it cost?

What price peace of mind……?

Our fees relate to your individual needs and wishes and whether your Will really is simple – our charges start at £160.00 plus VAT for a single Will and £245.00 plus VAT for 2 similar Wills which mirror each other but why not contact us to find out more? We will be pleased to discuss it with you without obligation and provide details of the likely fees involved before we proceed.

Additional Benefits

Our fees include free storage of your Will in our Strong Room and registration free of charge (normally costing £30) as to the location of your Will on the Certainty National Database, as recommended by our professional body, The Law Society. Please be assured that the contents of your Will are not registered on the database and information about it can only be given by us to your loved ones after your death. Registration assists in ensuring your most up to date Will is located promptly and not overlooked and in preventing the mistake of an older Will or copy being found and relied upon. A check of the register saves costs and delay which might otherwise arise.

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