Lasting Powers of Attorney

Why make a Lasting Power of Attorney?

Life can be uncertain and unpredictable therefore at Broomhead & Saul we strive to help you plan for your future and consider all possibilities. If you are worried about who will manage your financial affairs or make decisions on your behalf, should you become unwell, then making a Lasting Power of Attorney should be considered. There are two types of Lasting Power of Attorney. One deals with Property and Financial Affairs and the other deals with Health and Welfare, it is completely up to you whether you have one or both.

How can Broomhead & Saul help?

Broomhead & Saul have a huge amount of knowledge in preparing Lasting Powers of Attorney. Making a Lasting Power of Attorney can offer real peace of mind and security for you and your family therefore we will meet with you at your convenience to discuss your personal needs and concerns on an individual basis. Then when you are happy we will prepare your Lasting Power of Attorney ready for you to sign. Relevant copies can then be made for your own personal records and the original kept in our fireproof strongroom. Having a Lasting Power of Attorney in place will ensure that should you ever become unwell or unable to make important decisions then your chosen person or people will be able to look after you and your property on your behalf.

How much will it cost to make a Lasting Power of Attorney?

Broomhead & Saul offer a simple fixed fee for a Lasting Power of Attorney which is based on your individual personal needs.

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