We have dispensed with the statutory charges for swearing affidavits and administering statutory declarations and now charge a basic VAT inclusive fee of £50.

Methods of payment:

  • We ask for payment to be made in cash, if at all possible, at the appointment.  We ask our visitors to tender the exact amount as our staff are discouraged, in the interests of our mutual safety, from handling or giving out change. 
  • We accept cheques or direct bank transfers if received or made at least three working days in advance of the appointment.

Pricing concession for clients and customers

For all existing clients and customers, we will continue to provide our signature witnessing and ID certification services and to administer the swearing of affidavits and the administration of statutory declarations at former, pre Covid, rates.  

Here, affidavits and statutory declarations will be charged at just £5 plus £2 for each exhibit, with payment being tendered in the exact amount in cash.