How much will it cost?

Moving involves a major investment and we appreciate that you need to budget for all your likely outlay, right from the outset.  Your total outlay in a typical purchase transaction, in additional to the purchase price, will usually include estate agency fees, the cost of a survey, removal costs as well as various items such as Land Registry search and registration fees, Stamp Duty Land Tax.

Fortunately, solicitors’ conveyancing fees are usually a fraction of the estate agency fees but even so, there are savings to be made here as well. 

We can provide you with an accurate initial indication of the legal costs involved. We can also provide you with a fixed fee quote.

The figures given below are the prices that we expect to apply to the majority of transactions falling within that price band. However where we encounter the need for additional work because of title defects or other difficulties which arise we shall bring these to your attention at quickly as possible so that any adjustments to budgets can be made quickly.

The estimates given below are based on the value of the property and the typical amount of work needed to conclude a standard transaction. 

All the figures given are net of VAT.

Freehold property

Acting for Seller

Up to £150,000.00 £850.00
From £150,000.01to £350,000.00 £950.00
From £350,000.01to £500,000.00£1050.00

Acting for Buyer

Up to £150,000.00 £875.00
From £150,000.01to £350,000.00 £995.00
From £350,000.01to £500,000.00£1,150.00

Leasehold property

Acting for Seller

Up to £150,000.00 £1,050.00
From £150,000.01to £350,000.00 £1,150.00
From £350,000.01to £500,000.00 £1,250.00

Acting for Buyer

Up to £150,000.00 £1,075.00
From £150,000.01to £350,000.00 £1,195.00
From £350,000.01to £500,000.00 £1,350.00

Supplemental service fees relevant to leaseholds

  • Share of freehold / membership of freehold or management company – £75.00  ( if individual flat owners  to deal with then £75.00 per person)
  • Deed of covenant- £150.00
  • Retentions – £100.00
  • Where both freehold company and management company to deal with separately  – £100.00 for dealing with the additional one.

Miscellaneous conveyancing fees

  • New build and properties that are being sold from new within the first 3 years :  starting at £1200.00 (£1400.00 leasehold or freehold with a freehold management company )
  • Freehold management companies  £150.00
  • Retirement flats sale and purchase  £150.00

If you need a quote for a Shared Ownership, a Transfer of Equity or for Conveyancing of a property over £500,000.00 please call us for a specific quote tailored to your specific circumstances.


You will need to budget for some of the following expenses, in addition to our fees. We will indicate which apply and their likely amount.

  • Standard Compulsory Searches (Local Authority, Water, Environmental, PlanSearch Plus and Chancel Repair Indemnity) Approx £360.00 (inc VAT
  • SDLT Preparation and Submission Fee £60.00 (inc VAT)
  • Land Registration Fees
    (for unregistered land, HM Land Registry make a double charge – though over 95% of properties are now registered meaning these lower charges are payable) A sliding scale of between £0-80,000.00 applies and we will inform you of the applicable amount. Alternatively, you can find out yourself at the HM Land Registry website.
  • Land Registry Priority Search – £3.00
  • Land Charges Searches (per name) – £2.00
  • Bank Transfer Fee – £30.00 (inc. VAT)
  • Electronic ID Checks – £6.60 per person (inc. VAT)

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