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Your safety and convenience in Lockdown 3

Our first priority at Broomhead & Saul is to ensure the safety and well-being of our staff as well as our clients and other visitors.

Visiting us

We are delighted to confirm that we are still allowed to meet our clients in person, where this is necessary to discharge a legal obligation, or otherwise required by law or procedure.  However, visits to our offices must be by appointment so we can make suitable arrangements for our mutual safety.

Help us keep you safe

We ask all our visitors to adhere to our Covid 19 safety policy.  This includes:

  • Not entering the building unless and until invited to do so
  • Not visiting us if you or anyone you live with, or have been in contact with, has any of the symptoms of Coronavirus or has tested positive without first adhering to the government’s guidance on self-isolating
  • Applying the hand sanitiser provided inside the front door
  • Remaining in the public / visitor and client meeting areas in our offices
  • Maintaining our social distancing rules and guidelines
  • Bringing and then wearing a face mask whilst on our premises, unless you are exempt from doing so, in which case we need to be informed of this in advance.
  • Notifying us of any medical condition that makes you especially susceptible to the effects of Covid-19

Consulting us

This firm’s innovative approach to its private client services leads the nation.  We offer a full range of different routes to accessing our services. These include personal attendances at our offices or your home, the telephone, conventional post or email correspondence, as well as remote video conferencing.

Covid-19 risk assessment

On 4 January 2021 we  undertook a detailed review and revision of our Covid-19 safety procedures.   In consequence, we have reduced the number of staff in our offices to a minimum and have facilitated homeworking for others.

Our home working protocols are tried and tested, having been used in the first lockdown, last March.

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