Where there’s a Will – Ensuring Peace of Mind During Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic has seen an unprecedented rise in the demand for wills, as people look to get their affairs in order.  Owing to the social distancing rules, however, we have had to adopt more creative ways to help our clients complete wills – with meetings in supermarket carparks, where witnessing can take place through car windows, but allowing everyone involved to remain apart.

wills ilminster covid-19 coronavirus

For us at Broomhead & Saul, where we are proud of offering a personalised service, with face-to-face meetings, as opposed to things being done more remotely, we are as equally proud to have risen to the challenge of these new constraints.

Aside from the increase in demand – nationally this has been reported to be a 76% increase, against usual figures – it makes sense that many of those will of course be those who were yet to get around to making a will, but if you have one already, what’s the fuss and should you also being giving this some thought?

In simple terms, everyone needs a will; as without it you will be relying on the intestacy rules – rules which often lead to unexpected consequences.  Co-habiting with a partner and living together does not guarantee that the partner left behind will be able to remain in what was a joint home.  The myth that a co-habiting couple will each inherit from the other, because they are living together in a common law marriage is just that, a myth.  With a property passing to the next of kind – perhaps children from a former relationship – can leave a grieving partner without a home.

But back to that question about why you should even give this any thought, if you already have a will – if you have recently been married, or indeed have been married where you already had your will in place, will likely mean that you are in fact intestate – i.e. you no longer have a valid will in place, as marriage invalidates a previously-made will, except in the unlikely circumstances that you explicitly included the correct clause which anticipated your future marriage taking place.

Likewise, if you will was completed some time ago, assuming that it does remain valid, does it still reflect what you intend it to?

You can, technically, make an updated amendment to an existing will, via a codicil, but these days it is much safer to simply update your will with a new document covering everything you want it to say, so that there can be no ambiguity.  And that is the essential point; your will is your opportunity to set out what you want to happen when you are gone; for example, who might be guardians for your children, who might inherit and enjoy into the future your favourite items and how the value of your estate should be divided.

Reviewing your will now also presents an opportunity to consider digital assets – such as social media accounts; you can specify what you want to happen to these and importantly (something that is often overlooked) can consider how your family will know how to gain access to your accounts when you are gone.

Although we are not able to meet face-to-face in the usual way, we have been helping local individuals and families to complete their wills, with some novelty along the way!  So call us and speak with one of our private client team to discuss how you can ensure one of the biggest areas to ensure peace of mind, is settled, by speaking with one of our friendly private client team.

Broomhead & Saul Launches Property Possessions Claims Service

Somerset law firm Broomhead & Saul has today announced the launch of a new service for residential landlords across the region.

Given the economic climate, landlords are increasingly finding that tenants can fall behind with their rent; in some instances, this may only be temporary and an informal discussion will resolve matters; but in other cases or if issues persist, a landlord may decide to seek to take back their property via a possession order, through the courts.

Broomhead & Saul are now able to offer this service, covering advice and initial support through to securing an order for possession and dealing with enforcement, physically taking back the property, alongside the relevant agencies.

There may also be occasions where other issues have arisen, which are either a breach of the tenancy or which otherwise justifiably lead to the property owner wishing to regain what in some cases will be their former home, where partners have moved in together, for example.

Initial advice covers the options available and an idea of timescale from initial instructions to securing an order, to obtaining possession itself.

Do contact us to discuss your requirements, if you are facing difficulties with a tenant or are seeking advice related to investment properties and tenant issues.

Broomhead and Saul put scouts and marines through their paces

A TAUNTON scout group landed a windfall from Broomhead and Saul solicitors in Taunton this week. The solicitor’s firm sponsored the land rowing  event in which beavers, scouts and cubs decided to put their rowing skills to the test to help raise funds for The Royal Marine Charitable Trust and the Central Taunton Scout Group. The scout group organised this latest fund raising event on the 6th June in support of a team of Royal Marines who took part in The Non Tidal Thames 24 Challenge 2013 in May this year. The team of marines rowed the River Thames from Lechlade to Teddington, covering a distance of 125 miles, taking 24 hours, having to negotiate 42 locks and approximately 30,000 strokes.  Their aim was to raise a total of £30,000 and the Scout group wanted to help them fill their float.


Broomhead & Saul Law Prize

The 2012 Broomhead & Saul Law Prize was awarded to Adam Mercer for his achievements at Richard Huish College.  Broomhead & Saul Partners Julia Clegg and Paul Brierley were delighted to present the award at the College’s annual Reunion and Prize Giving at Somerset County Cricket Ground on 16 April.  Adam is studying Law at Cardiff University and the award was collected on his behalf  by his mother, Mrs Mercer.  Congratulations to Adam and many thanks to the staff of Richard Huish College, in particular Jackie Lake, for their kind hospitality.

Broomhead and Saul Awarded Coveted Law Society Quality Conveyancing Accreditation!


Quality - Broomhead and Saul

Conveyancing Quality Scheme


“We are very proud to become one of the first firms in Somerset to become a firm recognised by the Law Society for the high quality of the service we provide and I am very prod of the property teams at the Taunton and Ilminster offices.”

The Conveyancing Quality Scheme (CQS) will provides a recognised quality standard for residential conveyancing practices. Achievement of membership establishes a level of credibility for member firms with stakeholders (regulators, lenders, insurers and consumers) based upon:

  • the integrity of the Senior Responsible Officer and other key conveyancing staff.
  • the firm’s adherence to good practice management standards.
  • adherence to prudent and efficient conveyancing procedures through the scheme protocol.

This scheme will create a trusted community which will deter fraud – year on year we will drive up standards.

To discuss any of your property needs or requirements, please do not hesitate to contact John or any one of the members of our experienced property team.