Broomhead & Saul Leads the Way

Broomhead & Saul and its affiliate Solicitors Title LLP have persuaded the Justice Secretary to take decisive action to help self-isolating testators make their wills in safety.

When it became clear that the multiparty discussions with the Ministry of Justice had stalled,  Dr Bevan, who is based at Broomhead & Saul’s Taunton office, submitted a detailed paper, Why Video Witnessing Is Valid, in which he argued the case for validating the use of live streaming video technology to witness will makers signing their wills remotely. Hitherto, the entire legal profession was united in believing that a physical presence was an essential requirement. The Government’s official guidance adopts the ‘line of sight’ principle advocated in Dr Bevan paper. Legislation permitting the video witnessing of wills is expected to be introduced in September and given retrospective effect to 31 January this year. This represents the single most radical change to will writing services since 1677.

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