The basic entry point for our personal will-writing and execution service starts at £350 (including VAT).

This bespoke service allows you to consult our specialist lawyer face to face and where we assume responsibility for taking the initiative in drafting your will, organising witnesses and administering the execution of your will as well as registering it nationally as storing it at no extra charge for as long as required.

Face to face meetings and attendances can easily be undertaken remotely, using a convenient combination of phone, emails and video conferencing technology.  See below for our ground breaking Remote Wills Execution Service.

We also offer conventional physical meetings at either of our premises in the centre of Taunton or Ilminster, in Somerset.  We are also happy to travel to meet you at your home or other suitable location, or to arrange for agents, for an additional charge.

Whatever your will-writing needs, we can accommodate them.

Our personal will service usually involves the following:

  • After making initial contact, we will speak to you and later supply you with with preliminary information, including a questionnaire and details that will enable us to establish your identify, in anticipation of your first consultation with us.
  • We will then meet face to face (either in person or online if preferred) to enable you to provide us with your instructions and to allow us to verify your identity and provide you with appropriate advice.
  • We will advise whether your circumstances are suitable for our standard personalised will service and we will establish that all other potential options, as appropriate, are considered and incorporated as required. 
  • We will make a careful file note of any unusual features or requests, such as the exclusion from the will of a relative, as a safeguard to discourage any future legal challenge, this will be stored with the will
  • We draft and send out the will, hard copy or e-document to you for approval, where hopefully there will be no major changes made the original instructions
  • When you have approved the terms or your Will, we then print off an engrossed original version of the will,
  • We will administer the execution of the will: either at our offices, or remotely supervise your signing and witnessing the execution of your will online using video conferencing technology, whichever you find most convenient
  • We will arrange for and supply a certified copy of your completed will where this is executed at our offices, otherwise, we will make and store a detailed note of what we observed if we remotely administered the execution online
  • We will supply two independent witnesses where the will is executed at our offices
  • As an optional extra, we can register your will at cost, simply adding the registration charge as a expense item (usually a little less than £12) to our total fee
  • We will provide lifetime storage of the will, entirely for free
  • We will include a five year update warranty under which we will produce a new will to replace, substitute or add legatees or residual beneficiaries, charging only half the then applicable rate for a standard will
  • The standard personal will service, includes an innovative provision that appoints this firm as a contingent professional executor, even where lay executors are also appointed (which we strongly recommend).  This is simply a fail-safe arrangement whereby we are given the necessary authority to administer your estate (or to assume a lesser role in assisting your other executors, as may be agreed).  Our authority to act is subject to an important proviso, namely that your lay executors are conferred with an absolute right to dispense with our services, provided they all agree and this decision is communicated to us within 14 days of the last of them being notified of our potential involvement.  No reason need be given.  No fee would be payable to this firm at that stage.  Even after that period, our practice is never to insist on acting as a professional executor when our services are not required. This conditional appointment is unique to this firm.  It is designed to reassure you that, come what may, your estate will be administered and distributed according to your wishes promptly and efficiently, even if your lay executors are too busy or distressed to do so themselves, and then only to be involved to the extent needed.  We are well practiced in working in a harmonious partnership with lay executives, where our aim is to minimise our involvement. Our hourly charge rates are also highly competitive.