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Our Bespoke Wills Service

The basic entry level charge for our individualised Professional Wills Service starts at £350 (including VAT).

This bespoke service enables you to consult with one of our specialist lawyers, face to face. We take on the responsibility for taking the initiative throughout, including:

  • drafting your Will
  • organising your witnesses
  • setting up and administering the execution of your Will
  • storing it at no extra charge for as long as required and
  • registering your Will in a national registry, so it’s existence is not overlooked.

Face to face meetings and consultations can easily be undertaken remotely, using a convenient combination of phone, emails and video conferencing technology.  See below for our ground breaking Remote Wills Execution Service.

We also offer conventional physical meetings at either of our premises in the centre of Taunton or Ilminster, in Somerset.  We are also happy to travel to meet you at your home or other suitable location, or to arrange for agents, for an additional charge.

Whatever your Will writing needs, we can accommodate them.


Supplemental Services for Bespoke Wills

We also complement our Bespoke Wills Service with discounted pricing on certain supplemental services.


Remote Wills

Our ground breaking research in April 2020 led to our developing the first Remote Wills Service in the country. We lead the nation with our ability to execute Wils online using video conferencing technology.

On 1 May 2020, during the first Covid-19 lockdown, we were the first law firm in the county to administer a self-isolating client complete his Will online with the innovative use of video streaming technology. We set another precedent, this time an international record, by executing remotely the UK’s first cross-border Will for an elderly expat lady living in Crete, on 29 July 2020.

We were alone in campaigning for law reform to sanction this practice which the Law Commission and Law Society wrongly asserted to be invalid. Our snap campaign was an outstanding success, resulting in emergency legislation sanctioning the practice of video witnessing of Wills.

If you are worried about the Covid-19 risk involved in travelling to visit a solicitor to discuss or execute your will; from associating with witnesses, or perturbed by the indirect risk of infection though contact with potentially contaminated objects (or perturbed by all three), we are unique in offering two innovative solutions.

Video Witnessing

We provide a Video Will witnessing service that has been officially sanctioned by the government, as a direct result of this firm’s independent research and our our pro bono law reform campaign in 2020.

Fixed fee

We charge a fixed supplemental fee of £420 (including VAT) for this service.

For a relatively straight forward entry level Bespoke Will, our total charge for meeting you remotely and for providing our personal service culminating in the video witnessing of the execution of your Will, where we provide the witnesses, through to the registration and storage of your Will is likely to cost £780 including VAT.

Delegated Signing and Witnessing

In exceptional and urgent cases, we are also able to offer our completely unique Remote Will Execution Service. This service is based on our ground breaking legal research and is so novel that it has yet to be validated by a court. This involves our signing your Will under your direction and in your name, in your remote online presence, with our staff attesting to the same, also in your remote online presence, all in a single online session.

Our supplemental charge for this truly unique service is £700 (including VAT).

Which Will is Right For You?

In an ideal world, every Will should be as unique as the person making it. We can help you achieve this with our Basic, Standard and Bespoke Professional Wills Services.

Only a qualified fully trained legal professional possesses the skill set to help you decide which provisions best reflect your wishes as befits your personal circumstances, your relationships and the nature your estate. In many cases, a relatively straight forward Will suffices but in many other cases, commonly used provisions will not fully achieve your wishes or provide the best protection from avoidable tax liability or other risks. This is where our Professional Wills Service comes into its own: we will ensure that you get the right Will that fully achieves your wishes.

Call us for an estimate on: 01823 288121

Or email us on [email protected] , indicating when you would like us to ring you between 10 am and 4.00 pm on a weekday.

See also under Wills

Lasting Powers of Attorney

There are two different categories of Lasting Power:

  • One that allows your attorney to manage your financial and property affairs
  • One that allows your attorney to make decisions concerning your health and welfare

Fixed fee scale

 RateVATOPG feeTotal
Preparing and registering a single LPA of either type£400£80£82£562
Preparing both types for one person or one type each for a couple (LPA x 2)£500£100£164£764
Preparing both types for two people (LPA x 4)£700£140£328£1,168

Probate & Estate Administration

Our Hourly Charge Rates

In keeping with our principle of charging as little as possible and only as much as needed, we endeavour to assign the appropriate level of expertise and experience to each task we undertake. 

Value for money

As our Wills and probate team are based in Somerset, our hourly charge rates are significantly lower than those that are charged by law firms operating from expensive city premises.

The hourly charge rates of our Wills and Estates Administration Team

Legal Assistant: A member of our legal Will writing staff, who may be a trainee solicitor or trainee legal executive, who works under the direct supervision of a more experienced member of staff and who is primarily responsible for administrative work£130£26£156
Case manager / Legal executive: A member of staff with at least two years or more experience of Wills and Estates Administration work.  This would include Legal Executives, Law Graduates and Graduate Legal Executives£185£37£222
A Qualified Solicitor or a CILEX accredited Legal Executive usually with five or more years relevant experience£220£44£264
A Senior Solicitor or partner Usually with with ten or more years relevant experience£250£50£300