We are just as experienced and confident at pursuing contested claims through the courts as we are in resolving them through negotiation, mediation, arbitration or alternative resolution.

Keen analysis and careful budgeting

The cost and uncertainty associated with most court proceedings are often high. If you are facing an obstinate opponent, you may have little more than a binary choice, either to chalk the breach of contract or other infringement of your legal entitlement up to experience or to invest in court proceedings. This is where our expertise comes into its own. We have the experience and the expertise to identify the key issues in dispute, the likelihood of establishing the necessary facts and to assess the litigation risk you face should you chose to bring or defend a civil action against an opponent. No amount of book learning is equal to the expertise and experience necessary to accurately gauge the litigation risk to allow you to make an informed judgment on the merits of proceeding.

No unwelcome surprises

We will always offer you a frank and clear merits assessment along with an estimate of the likely costs of pursuing or defending your claim, including the potential liability for your opponent’s costs in the event that they succeed.

Strategy is key

We also routinely seek to adopt a course that presents our clients with the least exposure to risk and cost, which usually involves some form of negotiated settlement or mediation, even though as practitioners, we relish contested court actions. We are expert in the tactics of running a successful action and in putting our opponents on risk as to the costs under CPR Part 36. However, litigation is not every client’s cup of tea and your best interests and reasonable preferences will always be our first concern.

Multiple funding options and regular reassessments

We will also explore the most appropriate and cost effective means of funding your claim. We recognise that managing costs is vitally important and therefore a staged approach with regular transparent billing reviews help our clients and us work to keep focused and to together in achieving a cost-effective solution to the claim.

We will always check to see if have legal expenses insurance. Various other funding options are available such as contingency fees, damaged based agreements, deferred enhanced success rates and litigation funding based on the merits of the claim.

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