Many of our services can be carried out for fixed fee, or where future costs depend on how things will develop, often a clear indication of the costs for the initial stage can be fixed or agreed up-front.

We recognise that managing costs is important and therefore a staged approach will help our clients and us work together in achieving a cost-effective solution to their issue or the project they are undertaking. Further details about our services can be found under the About tab above.

Business and Personal Debt Recovery

Despite the availability of Money Claims online, in fact businesses and individuals are required to comply with steps prior to issuing court proceedings, known as pre-action protocols. This involves setting out clearly the details about the debt and how it came about; often an initial letter compliant with these rules from a solicitor will lead to payment or an agreement around payment via installments, rather than incurring the additional costs of a court claim. An initial letter on your behalf, compliant with these rules, is only £90 plus VAT, even if the debt owed is £20,000. If a response is not received, you can then confidently pursue court action without the risk of having to pay the other side’s costs for non-compliance. We always approach litigation in stages, ensuring the costs are proportionate and worthwhile; fees will be based on our usual hourly rates, charged in real-time; details about our hourly charging rates and the qualification and experience of the individuals undertaking your work are included at the foot of this page.

Hourly charge rates

We always provide our clients with an estimate of our likely charges from the outset and we regularly review our estimates as the matter proceeds..

Our normal hourly charge rates are:

  • Partners and senior solicitors £250
  • Solicitors and senior executives £220
  • Experienced un-admitted staff £185
  • Legal assistants and paralegals £125

Solicitors Title LLP

The majority of our commercial and business law services are undertaken by our associated, award winning, practice based in Exeter, Devon.