Providing legal services to Somerset since 1895

Broomhead & Saul LLP have been providing legal services in Somerset since 1895 and has offices based in both Taunton and Ilminster.

Our team

We employ around fifty individuals, including solicitors, legal executives, licensed conveyancers, paralegals, mediators and administrators. Every member of our team is a specialist in their own particular field. We take pride in offering a local and accessible service provided by solicitors and lawyers who can advise you accurately and quickly as to the best course of action you should take.

When discussing personal matters, most prefer to meet a solicitor in person to discuss matters, with offices in the heart of Taunton and Ilminster this personal touch is easily achieved.


Our charging policy is completely transparent and we will give you an indication of likely costs following the initial consultation. At that initial consultation we will also establish whether you are eligible for Public Funding (the new name for Legal Aid) and, if so, will make sure that you take full advantage of it to cover all your legal costs.

Home or hospital visits can also be arranged where necessary.

Commitment to quality

Our commitment to quality is not just in words. As holders of the Legal Aid Franchise we are also subject to annual review by the Community Legal Service (re-named from the Legal Aid Board in April 2000) to ensure quality and standards are always maintained.

Our expertise in the law relating to Family & Children is recognised by our admission to the Law Society panels of specialist solicitors which enables us to act for clients who find themselves affected by complex matters.

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