French Property News, features Dr Bevan’s article on video wills

Dr Nicholas Bevan explains the benefits of distance wills for expats in his article, Video Wills, published in the December 2020 edition of French Property News.

Nicholas comments on the consequences of the reform that Broomhead & Saul initiated (together with the associated law firm Solicitors Title LLP):  ‘ Until the end of January 2020, you can now make, amend or execute an English will without leaving your home, whether you live in the UK, France or anywhere else in the world. it has never been so easy.’  Nicholas’ ground breaking research indicates that a much broader concept of remotely executed video wills is fully consistent with the Wills Act 1837 and a consistent line of long established common law rules. Most law firms still do not offer their clients the video witnessing services we were first to devise and put into practice, despite our successful law reform campaign.  As Nicholas says: ‘The problem here lies with the lawyers, not the law itself.’